We provide an e-commerce marketing strategy to target customers and increase traffic using a data-driven approach. We’ll clarify the spending patterns of your customers by analysing their user behaviour to ensure you promote the right items and services to the right customers at the right time.

Additional Features​

Enhance your website with features such as a messenger chat, automated email to customers who abandon their cart, Google Analytics, discount codes and more.

Data Insight

By monitoring your website with Google Analytics among other resources, we build an understanding of user behaviour to help tailor your content, convert visitors into customers, and optimise sales with repeat customers.

Responsive Design

With 63% of traffic to retailers and 53% of sales transactions occurring on mobile phones, we can ensure your Shopify website is compatible and user friendly via desktop, mobile and tablet devices.


After spending time and money developing your website, you want your customers to find it. We can ensure your website appears on Google and Bing searches to drive traffic to your Shopify website.

Site Maintenance

We ensure we’re on hand to offer our support when you need it, ensuring your website runs smoothly and you’re not missing out on those valuable sales.

Personalised Website


We are experts in designing, building and launching e-commerce websites. Make your Shopify and website your own, and show your customers your site is safe and secure with Shopify branding to stand out from the other websites in your industry.


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